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VivaCut Pro APK 1.5.2 Mod Download (Unlocked) free for Android

VivaCut Pro Mod Apk for Android, It is a Pro Video Editor APP for making full-screen videos. Whether you want to create beautiful movies or simply share memories with friends, VivaCut Pro is the best video editor with all the features you need. The multi-layer timeline, chroma key, and green screen feature help you create the best cinematic videos with music for YouTube, Instagram, and TickRock. Cutting, combining, or cloning chroma, open the door to the best video editor just for you.

Coming to an era where social networks dominate, it seems that retrieving photos or editing videos are projects that young people are most interested in doing. Concerning image arrays, the choice given to the user is a lot, or more precisely, a lot. However, the video segment is quite poor. There are very few different video editing tools that can meet the needs of users, such as software produced for PC platforms. However, I am now pleased to present for you a video editing app, which is nothing short of a variety of tools for a professional photo editing software, which is VivaCut – Professional Video Editor APP.

Description of VIVACUT PRO Video Editor

Create professional standard videos for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more. Download VivaCut PRO mod APK for Android, create stunning videos to get your hands on incredible Hollywood effects and to share with your friends or to put on your YouTube channel.


Simple, Best professional video editor

Video editing has never been so easy – all you have to do is download the VivaCut PRO APK for Android and work to cut, splicing, and adding effects to all your videos. The application is easy to use and produces reliable results, making it ideal for creating videos of fond memories, or even professional content for your YouTube and TikTok channels.

Green Screen / Chroma Key features


vivacut pro apk mod download free latest version 2020

vivacut pro apk mod download free

Turn your simple videos into awesome creations with Hollywood green screen and chroma key effects. You can transform your living room into a star in an action film set. The available cinematic editing features are diverse enough to be able to produce original and unique content regularly.

Keyframe animation

vivacut pro apk mod download free

You can have loads of fun with keyframe animation tools, which allow you to rotate things and create great sequences that will keep your content. Try this to create something different and unique.

Professional lessons

Add text to your videos and movies to make them more professional. It is a great tool to use to create an intro for a YouTube channel or just to annotate your video. The text feels very professional and is a great way to attract an audience.

Best Filters & Editing Tools

vivacut pro apk mod download free latest version

There are also loads of filters and editing tools that you can use to make your videos look more aesthetic. Apply filters to change the mood in your video, or increase brightness, contrast, and so on to improve the video. You need to make the best editing on VivaCut PRO mod APK.

Save and share in 4K.

VivaCut PRO supports the highest resolution video, allowing you to save your content in ultra-HD 4K. Once you save it, you can share it on Instagram, YouTube, TickTalk, Facebook, and more. Sharing your video content has never been easier!

Add music

Add backing tracks to your videos to make them more exciting and lively. There are loads of songs and samples to choose from to bring more fun to your content.

Filters & Editing Tools

vivacut pro apk mod download free latest version

There are also loads of filters and editing tools that you can use to make your videos look more aesthetic. Apply filters to change the mood in your video, or increase brightness, contrast, and so on to improve the video. You need to make the best editing on VivaCut PRO mod APK.

Collage & Blend

What’s more, you can also mix videos, or create a collage of videos – ideal for erasing memories together and sending to friends and family. Have some fun with your video and see what kind of creative content you can insert.


How to download, install, and use the VivaCut Pro mod apk?

  • First of all, you have to uninstall the current VivaCut App from your smartphone.
  • Then download the VivaCut mod apk from the download link given above.
  • After downloading the VivaCut Pro apk file, go to your Android Settings> Security.
  • @Here, turn on the ‘@Unknown [email protected]’ option that asks to allow third-party applications to install. @Switch it on
  • Now, return to the download folder and click on the VivaCut Mod Apk file to start the installation.
  • Enjoy the VivaCut Mod Apk Free With All Unlocked Features!

what’s new:

1. Excellent new feature ve curve colour adjustment, more professional, and customized to adjust your video. Of course, you can also share it with the colour QR code.
2.60fps export supported, smoother than ever
3. Undo / Redo, the most requested feature is ready now !!!
4. Support animator and curve to make keyframe animation more smooth, this includes moving/rotating / scaling/opacity changing, go and make your first awesome animation with VivaCut
5. Bug fixes and performance improvements
Open Pro Features
All filters unlocked (no sharing required)
analytics disabled
Single package apk (no SAI required)
Languages: Multilanguage


What does the user say about VivaCut

It is an excellent application. The features that I could not find in other apps were found here only in the free version. We will get more features in the paid version. Animations can also be done very well with this app. The only surplus thing I expect, even in the free version, is no watermark. And, I would recommend adding the voiceover option.

Oh, God. I like this. I was not happy with this app before because I didn’t know it was for change. It is the best and easiest app to use. The only problem is the lag problem. It lags too much. I hope you get it fixed, but anyway, I recommend this app to everyone who makes the transition. ^^

I’d give a 5 star, but I’ve been having an issue with fonts. I had paid for a year of pro and was very excited for many fonts when I only looked at five different ones, and sometimes they disappear. Right now, I only have one other font other than the default to use. As a paying user, I would expect that I would have a pro experience.

I have a good quality experience with this app. I paid for the pro. The great thing is to “preview the first video.” It is the process in which I have shot several videos, and when it is time to start putting them together with vivacut, I don’t always know which one to add first because it has the “Preview Before Add” feature Is not. Please work on it. The Video show app has that feature.

I would have given it five stars, but the fact that many good animations are part of pro is quite annoying. Also, the only good export thing is deficient quality. I recommend that there should be at least one export item. But this is a good transition

Average review About vivacut Video editor

I like the app a lot, but there are some critical issues: 1. Audio sync is horrible. Audio always starts backwards. If I then reimport the existing sound, I can fix it, but later on export, it does not match. Can you please add a latency compensation option to fix this. I think it’s different on different phones. 2. When first changing the length of a new audio track (moving the left slider to the right), it transfers the entire audio. I have to do this several times before I can work.

The reason I’m giving it two stars is that I was using another app that was getting weird from the video but would freeze, but you could still hear the background noise in the video. I feel great when I download this app. Everything has worked fine, but for some reason, every time I try to upload a video, the sounds in the background will never match the video that I liked. Was that how you can download ultra 4k. It bothers me because I am trying to find a perfect app that I can work. waste

Of all the mobile editors I tried, one caught my attention. Many excellent video editing tools. The price is reasonable, and they continue to add new VFX and smooth animations on every update. I would love to see how far this app develops. At the moment, I bought full in-app purchases to support the creators! Thank you for giving us a chance to editors. One thing I hope to see is a feature that allows us to change the video hue colour with keyframes

It has a perfect editing app, which helped me add music, changes, and more. One of the best things is that you can control the amount of video or music combined to make it louder or not. Untitled all your best Android video editing apps now, but the only thing I have about it that I don’t like is I don’t object to Pro Transform or anything at all. Still, Pro only Timing 5 Minute is’ enough for anyone who wants to make an edit for birthday forex you pro from 10 minutes.

Hello, this app is perfect and useful! I accept the effects in this app. However, I have one complaint. Why is almost everything pro?! If you want people to get your app, then you probably shouldn’t pro nearly everything! But this is my opinion.

The conclusion

Here is the download link for Vivacut Mod APK, which unlocks all the premium features for free. We have a direct download link. Enjoy it

VivaCut Mod APK for Android is the best video editor with all the necessary features! It is a pro video editor with music for cutting, trimming and splitting videos. You can use its multi-layer timeline and chroma key to create a great video collage for social media. Merge clips, add text/music/filters to create an eye-catching video. Leap your video and experience the next pro video editor generation. Free video editing app for a beautiful life!